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Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are medical grade plastic trays that do not require any braces or wire. They are minimally visible hence; the aesthetic concerns are duly met and make them very appealing with adults who need orthodontic treatment. These are removable. Can be removed for eating and brushing. Does not poke the oral tissues. Clear Aligners also hide existing gaps.

Conventional Braces

Dental braces are appliances which are used to align or straighten crooked and mal-positioned teeth . They consist of wires, brackets and bands. Braces aid to correct irregular teeth positioning, jaw positioning, improvement in chewing and smile aesthetics. Braces can be metallic or ceramic material with different indications and case requirements. Recently self ligating braces are being used for hygiene and comfort reasons . These are helpful in achieving arch expansion and minimize the need for extraction.


Lingual braces

Braces are placed on the inner surface of the teeth towards the tongue. These braces are minimally visible but tend to reduce the tongue space. These are custom manufactured for each patient by 3D CAD/CAM.

Jaw corrections

Different jaw discrepancies are managed using myofunctional appliances or jaw orthopaedics or surgical orthodontics depending on the case and age of the patient.