Gum infection is the most common form of oral disease. The symptoms of a gum infection include swollen red and bleeding gums, foul taste in the mouth, pus discharge in some instances, bad breath, appearance of spaces in teeth which were not present earlier , loosening of teeth etc. The presence of debris, stains and calcified deposits on the surfaces of teeth are the common indicators of the starting of a gum infection.



The primary cause of any Gum Disease is poor oral hygiene. Most of the people do not take care of their teeth regularly. If you don’t brush or floss properly, then the chances of bacteria build-up are high. However, it doesn’t usually manifest immediately and can take months or years to come across, and it can be too late by then. Other causes of a gum infection include medications, nutritional deficiencies , hormonal changes , smoking, diabetes etc. If left untreated this can cause loss of teeth and jaw bone. Timely intervention prevents and treats the infection depending on the extent of spread .

A regular check up and cleaning of teeth every 6-8 months can help you avoid the extreme effects of the disease process. However, the success of any treatment procedure would depend on your compliance and sincerity towards maintenance of oral hygiene.